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Plumbing Tips for the House

Plumbing Tips

There are chores around the house that seem complicated. Electrical and plumbing fixes, for example. They often scare us because they seem like a world apart. However, there are some key ideas to make your life easier. With good habits and these tips, plumbing at home will no longer scare you. Are you ready?

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to check the condition of your pipes. Mainly if you live in old construction. Do the pipes comply with current safety and hygiene measures? Remember that materials such as copper or asbestos were used in the past and are no longer recommended. In case of not complying with these rules, consider that you should change pipes, for health. Here are some habits you should use to reduce plumbing issues.

Key Habits to Avoid Plumbing Problems:

The main problem with pipes is that they get clogged. This results in the water not leaving. It can even cause problems like small floods at home. Many times, they can be avoided with simple habits.

  • · Do not throw food scraps down the sink pipe. Try to throw the leftover food from the dishes in the trash can. This way you will avoid clogging the kitchen sink.
  • · Speaking of the kitchen sink, do not throw burnt oil down the drain. In addition to contaminating, it can be a source of plugs in the pipe.
  • · In the case of the W.C., avoid using too much toilet paper. And for no reason throw bond or other paper, cotton, or sanitary towels.
  • · Keep the shower clean. Put a filter that traps hair and excess soap when bathing. Also, clean your showerhead once a month. The tartar that accumulates causes it to become covered.
  • · When you put your clothes in the washing machine, check that they don’t have garbage in their pockets! Disposable tissues, papers, candy wrappers, etc. While they can break down your washing machine or damage your clothes, they can also go down the drain and clog the pipe

Home Plumbing Keys:

While these habits will help prevent clogged pipes, consider these ideas when you have plumbing problems at home.

  • · By the time the toilet clogs, hot water will help. Slowly pour a bucket of hot water into the cup. Many times that is enough to remove minor obstructions.
  • · Always have two plungers. One for the W.C. and the other for the shower/kitchen sink.
  • · When you get out of the shower, clean the drain strainer of hair. Many times we do not notice that it has already been filled with soapy hair until it is inevitable to call a plumber. If there is none in sight, use the plunger to pull up and remove the trash. Here are some home improvement tips

To finish, remember:

Exposed pipes are the ones you can handle easily. If they are under the floor or wall and you are not a qualified plumber, don’t touch them! And if you need help, find an expert plumber from a well-established place. This way you will avoid bad experiences.

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