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Represent the East Side of Gilgit.

The town of Skardu represents the east side of Gilgit-Baltistan. This is a raw, dusty, ever-expanding landscape with some of the craziest scenery in the world. In Pakistan, Gilgit and Hunza are the destinations of choice for first-timers, but Skardu and Baltistan are the destinations of choice for hard-core travelers. 

In addition to being difficult to reach, Skardu can be confusing to figure out what to do. Even though the region is known as the “Trekking Capital of the North,” it lacks much tourist infrastructure. Fortunately, there are some incredible treasures hidden beneath the dust here in this town, and I will tell you about the ones I know about right now.

Here are some of the most popular activities and places to visit in Skardu! 

Skardu Activities

Despite its location in the middle of nowhere, Real Estate agency offers several things to do nearby. Besides the main bazaar, there is plenty of beautiful nature outside and a few hidden gems in between. Overall, Skardu is an excellent place to get a taste of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The Katapana Desert in Skardu

Skardu’s bazaar is its main anchor and center of activity. Nearer the bazaar, neighborhoods become more local, less developed, and have fewer points of interest. Skardu will be behind you by the time you reach the Shigar junction.

The following are some of the best things to do in and around Skardu. A few of these are technically outside the city but are close enough to be day trips.

Marsur Rock offers a great view.

Recent hikes have taken the town by storm, including the Mars Rock in Gilgit. This precariously perched rock overlooks Skardu and the valley on almost every poster. Skardu’s best day hike is regarded by many as one of the best in the world.

Marsur Rock is about a half-day hike for experienced hikers. There is a 600-meter elevation gain. It can get boiling in the valley, and you should start in the morning hours. Water, snacks, and good boots are essentials.

Make sure to check in beforehand about the status of the trail. When damaged, the “new” trail is unsafe to walk on, so you’ll need to take the much longer “old” trail used chiefly by shepherds.

The Mars Rock is often compared to Norway’s Trolltunga once you reach it. It’s nearly identical to the Nordic icon, albeit a little smaller; replace the fjords with dunes.

In addition to sleeping at Marsur Rock, you can also camp there. It is common for people to stay here overnight rather than hike back the same day. You can hire a porter or bring your tent.

Desert sandboarding in Safaranga

Skardu is surrounded by two notable deserts: Katpana and Safaranga. Both deserts have the highest elevations worldwide, so much so that they receive snow in the winter. As a result, they are unofficially known as the Cold Deserts.

Near Skardu’s airport, the Katpana Desert can be found in Gilgit. The Katpana receives more visitors, but I think it’s less impressive than the other two. If you’re looking for convenience, choose the Katpana.

However, the “proper” desert experience can be found in Safaranga. This area has higher dunes, better scenery, and a more pronounced sense of silence.

The dunes are also perfect for sandboarding, even if you can’t find a board! If you can’t find an actual board, you might want to try an inflatable floaty in the Skardu bazaar. You can drive off-road to the dunes if you have an excellent Jeep that can handle the sandbanks.

The Organic Forest is the perfect place to relax.

On the other side of the enormous rock that holds up, Kharpocho Fort is a tranquil slice of forest that locals have begun calling The Organic Forest. Compared to the constantly cacophonous Skardu, this place is so peaceful you’ll forget it exists.

After climbing up to the fort, the trail to the Organic Forest begins. Instead of climbing the mountain, follow the trail around it. You’ll walk maybe 15-20 minutes along the edge of a cliff before turning a corner and reaching a sandy, wooded area along the Indus. Just 15-20 minutes away is the Organic Forest.

As soon as you see the significant sign overhead, you’ll know you’ve arrived at the Organic Forest. Enjoy the serenity and wander around a bit of Gilgit. On the artificial canals, there are several great spots to stop. Bring some food with you so you can have a picnic once you’re there. Retrace your steps back to Skardu. It would take you an extra hour or two to complete a circumnavigation of the entire rock.

Climb up Kharpocho Fort to reach it

Its prominent location, expansive views, and central location make Kharpocho Fort one of Skardu’s most popular attractions. People love to visit the fort because it is easily visible from almost any angle!

The streets of Skardu are high above the ground

The walk to Kharpocho is pretty straightforward. You should proceed straight ahead once you reach the alleyway next to the Bank Alfalah in the middle of the bazaar. After reaching the mountain itself, the path turns back. The climb takes 15-20 minutes from there. Skardu has more to offer than this deal in Skardu, so make the most of it. Near the bazaar is the Italian K2 Museum, an excellent place for aspiring mountaineers to learn more about “The Savage Mountain.” in Gilgit

This museum, designed like a large pyramidal tent, contains a lot of information about the first expeditions to K2. In 1954, an Italian team climbed K2 for the first time, and their story is quite intriguing. About 5-10 minutes from Skardu’s center is the PTDC Motel, where the museum is technically located. There is no charge for entry.

Kachura Lake is a pleasant place to chill out.

The Upper and Lower Kachura Lakes are popular places to visit in Skardu. Mainly because it’s a beautiful spot and partly because of the luxurious (and overrated) Shangri-La Resort. Skardu is an excellent base for a day trip to either of the Kachura Lakes. Skardu is about 45 minutes away by car from the Kachura Lakes. You can walk between both lakes once you arrive.

Most people chill out at the lakes. Fishing, a relaxing boat ride, or just relaxing on the shore could be on the agenda. One of Skardu’s most photogenic locations, this is sure to be a photographer’s paradise. For the ideal light, shoot early in the morning.

You can find grilled trout and other local dishes at several guesthouses around the area. If I were you, I would avoid the previously mentioned Shangri-La and opt for one of the smaller restaurants instead. You can get the same quality food for half the price.

Visit Shigar for a day.

Besides being the gateway to one of the world’s most epic treks, K2 Base Camp, Shigar is an excellent place for a mini road trip. Compared to Skardu, the scenery is a bit better, and the landscape is a bit harsher. In contrast to the hectic city, visiting here is a tremendous change of pace.

You reach Shigar from the junction leading to the Ghanche district, the same one you use to reach the Safaranga Desert. Continue heading toward the ford and avoid turning off to the desert.

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