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Software is used to manage the screen

We systematically provide software with our screens that allow you to configure and control the screen. This tool is used to control a single screen or to manage a network of screens. Thanks to it you will be able to display many images and video media, or real-time information such as weather, time, traffic information, etc.

Depending on the needs, we can also offer more elaborate installations such as real audiovisual control.

You can also choose to work with your piloting software and be free to choose another piloting solution. For that, you will have to make sure of the good compatibility of this one with our screens. Our technical team will be able to advise you if necessary.

How to make the spots be displayed on the screen?

There are several solutions for producing the advertising messages that will be broadcast on the SMD Screen. This will depend on the technical skills available and the budget allocated to the management of the screen. For simple realizations to animate images and text, it is possible to realize animations on slideshow software like Powerpoint and to export in video format. For video compositions, it will then be necessary to go through editing software.

Finally, it is possible to subcontract this request. Many freelance specialists can produce your spots at affordable prices. Our Marketing Boost service is also designed to meet this need. Our team, in collaboration with you, develops your communication spots by your graphic charter and your commercial calendar.

Power supply required for a giant LED screen

Many giant screens work with LEDs. This allows them to be visible whatever the weather, above all, LEDs consume little. That is to say less than an LCD screen with an equal surface. What will therefore make the energy consumption of a screen will be above its size and the finesse of the pitch (the finer the pitch, the more LEDs there are per square meter).

Currently, the only possible power solution for a giant LED screen is to connect to the general electricity network. In the years to come, we may see stand-alone solutions with photovoltaic operation. To operate, a giant screen needs to be supplied with 230V and an intensity of 4 amps per square meter or 24A for a 6m² screen.

When can I turn on my giant screen? Should the screen be turned off at night?

French legislation effectively provides for a nighttime period during which signs and screens must be turned off. At the national level, the screens must therefore be switched off between 10 p.m. and  6 a.m., except for the sectors which carry out a night activity.  However, some municipalities may extend their restrictions to the local level.  This extinction of the screen is configurable so that it turns off and turns on automatically without human intervention.

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