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Some of the common issues that conveyor belt faces

Conveyors are used for transporting products in a straight line or by changes in direction/elevation. They are convenient in conveying bulk materials such as coal, ores, grains etc. Conveyors are found in several places including airports, industrial facilities and so on. There are various benefits of this system. When your conveyor belt is not properly working, it can have untold consequences in your complete system. The complete system can shut off schedules and lead to a loss in productivity and money. With the help of conveyor care products, repairing and maintenance can be done easily.

What are conveyor belts?

Conveyors are systems to handle bulk materials with ease. They are specially designed for facilitating the movement of supplies, components and materials with the help of an effortless method that saves energy, cost and most importantly time. The conveyor belt’s design includes – two pulleys (motorized) along with a material of conveyor looped over them. The motorized pulleys work at the same speed & progress in the same direction. There are numerous kinds and uses of these conveyor belts. All those varieties fulfil the purpose of conveying goods and materials in a constant moving path. The motorized conveyor belts are the conventional form to transport items but nowadays you can find systems that are using rollers with no motors for moving the materials.

Do conveyor belts face issues?

Sometimes the conveyor belts do not work perfectly. A small issue can lead to the repair of your total system. To avoid issues from occurring, you will require to keep an eye on the workings of the conveyor belts. Carefully checking the belts can help in catching several problems that may have developed into bigger issues. Some parts, as well as equipment, break down eventually and when this occurs, it becomes vital for you to know the process of fixing those complications as fast as possible with conveyor care products.

Some of the conveyor belt problems:

It is not possible to assemble a complete list of each bad situation that you can face with the conveyor belts but the mentioned below list are the most probable ones: Have a look at those:

1) Mistracking of conveyor belts

Mistracking of conveyor belts is a common issue. Tracking is the procedure to manage as well as line up the belt onto the right path. It is vital to ensure the smooth functioning of the system. Mistracking stands for when something goes erroneous with the track. If you see most situations, this means the belt has slipped from one side to the other & the total system has come out from the alignment. The mistracking results in various negative repercussions – carrying the potentiality to throw the whole system off from the particular course. It can also result in uneven wearing of the belts and gain that can lead to many other issues. After this malfunctioning, the system can shut down. Better to take care of these problems with conveyor care products before major problems occur.

2) Slippage of conveyor belts

Conveyor belts depend on an accurate equilibrium of tension for working correctly. While there is much tension or even little, everything can go crooked and the conveyor belt can slip. If the pulleys break down or get excessively worn, then there will be not enough tension that can keep the conveyor belt from slipping around. This tension loss can lead to unnecessary strain and stretching on your belt along with grating and loud noises and at last slippage. It takes quite a little bit of time to maintain this issue but you can prevent this problem by always checking every part and component of your belt. Apart from tension as well as balance some other causes are there that lead to belt slippage. Those are a) Overweight load b) Pulley issues c) Badly installed lagging.

3) Develops sharp edges

Mostly the conveyor belts are made up of metallic materials like steel which are extremely durable and last long but that also means when conveyor belt’s rollers seize up that can result in developing sharp edges. Those sharp edges can in turn have big aftermath all through the belt. and can even cause mistracking unequally. This issue can pose a threat to workers in the vicinity of the belt. It can also damage materials being conveyed along this conveyor belt. If the issue is severe, that can shut down the full system. For avoiding such problems or repairing, conveyor care products can help you out.

4) Congestion

The conveyor belts aim to convey products from one place to the other with ease and efficiency. Sometimes packages get caught and when that occurs, just the next package behind the first one also gets caught and creates a pileup. It can result in the whole system becoming congested and jammed. It is hard to predict these random issues but can deal well to stop the congestion. First, you are required to carefully check the sharp edges of the belt, corners, surfaces etc that can snag the packages when they move past.

5) Belt Tears and wear

It depends on the items you are conveying, you can experience tear and wear or perforation in the conveyor belt. Moving items like sharp stones or coal can elevate the chances of belt tear & wear. Excess of friction from conveying heavy items can also lead to thin spots that result in tears. Rip in the seams also happens over a while with tension & stress. Tears and wear & rips are quite difficult to avoid but can be solved by the top quality of conveyor care products and contacting some trained professionals to do the repair for reducing the downtime.

We hope after reading this article you have come to know which kind of issues conveyor belts usually face. The ultimate way for keeping the conveyor belt system running finely is to avoid issues before they occur or take care of the issue with the top quality of conveyor care products. Reach out to the trusted supplier of Conveyor Belt Repair Accessories.


Conveyor belts face some challenges like mistracking, wear and ripping down but Dutco Tennant LLC is there to provide you with the best conveyor belt repairing accessory.

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