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Step by step Guide For Drawing a Simple Animated Owl.

Step by step Guide For Drawing a Simple Animated Owl. Who would you like to paint today? You can find out how to draw a simple animation owl. With the help of this bird drawing guide, you will immediately learn the structure of the simple animated owl.

Owls are fascinating birds. They are birds of prey such as hawks and raptors: they tend to hunt humble birds and warm-blooded animals. However, unlike most birds, owls are nocturnal, which means they are dynamic in the evening.

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Owls are known for their huge eyes. Big eyes pick up insufficient light from the moon, allowing owls to find it in the dark. They also have great feathers that will enable them to fly silently.

These characteristics and their sinister “hoo” call made owls an object of terror in some societies and were seen as harbingers of bad luck. In ancient Greek folklore, owls were associated with Athena, the goddess of reason or intuition.

History Of Owls

Owls were thought to be exceptionally intelligent or knew events in advance. Therefore, “cunning old owls” are still associated with diplomas in Western culture.

Owls have often been the subject of children’s books and shows. In Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, the owl is a companion of Pooh. Another source of inspiration is the book series and the movie Legend of the Gatekeepers: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.

The owl in this profile resembles the superb horned owl, one of the largest owl species. However, these fires on this head are not horns. It is precisely feathers that suggest the presence of horns or ears.

Gradually the Guidelines on How to Draw a Simple Animated Owl

Step 1

Start your simple owl frame animation by drawing the branch the owl will be sitting on. Define an upper limit for the glove box. Outline the unit with two similar flat lines. Towards the end, join the lines with a “V” line and divide the branch into more modest chapters.

Step 2

Complete the tree trunk. Define the curved outlines to frame bulges like folds around the branch’s base, then extend the top line of the basket down to that point.

Step 3

Detail the tree trunk with extra curved lines. Then start drawing the owl’s round body. Use the curved lines to draw the almost circular structure, noting the cover lines of the feathers near the tip.

Step 4

Draw the owl’s wings in the arrangement of its body. Again, use the curved lines that criss-cross to indicate feathers.

Step 5

Draw the owl’s tail extending under the branch. Use a series of “U” shaped lines to outline the feathers.

Step 6

Then draw the owl’s head. Use curved lines to create a curved square shape.

Step 7

Detail the owl’s face. Define the curved outlines to show the crossbeams, enclosing a partial circle around each. In each eye, draw two more and more modest circles. Hide between them to show it to the students. Draw a curved eyebrow on each eye and a gem for the muzzle.

Step 8

Draw the paws of the owl, erasing the lines as needed. Draw some compliant opaque shapes for each foot.

Step 9

Complete your simple animation owl frame by finishing the wing and body feathers with numerous rows of “U” shaped lines.

Step 10

Vary your no-nonsense animation owl.

Most owls are brown or dark. One species, called the Cold Owl, is almost solid white.

Drawing Completed

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