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Style Your Home with Blue Rugs

Colors play an essential role in styling your home with area rugs. The color of the rug must match the entire area to make a statement. Blue color has its charm. It portrays the sea and the sky and provides a soothing and relaxing feeling to your area. The blue color is defined as an expression that gives us the idea of freedom, inspiration, calmness, imagination, and sensitivity. The meaning of blue color is illustrated as intelligence, confidence, trustworthiness, stability, and sincerity. Using a blue color at your place represents these meanings and plays a vital role in establishing these feelings in space. Blue-colored rugs would give a calming and relaxing feel to the interior of your home. The color brings the imagination of being on a coast or a sea, the waves, and the skies. Here we will give you amazing tips on how to style your home using blue area rugs.

Themes to go for with blue colored rugs

Blue area rugs bring charming and aesthetic touch to any area of your house. Using blue area rugs to match the theme would surely uplift your interior. Here are some ideas for which theme would be perfect for your blue rugs.

Coastal themed area

Giving a beautiful coastal look to any area needs to bring a calming and relaxing effect. Blue area rugs are perfect for a coastal-themed room. It has an impact on the waves from the sea. The blue color brings a comfortable atmosphere to the house. The color also resembles the shade of the sky to compliment the whole theme. The blue would be perfect for bringing up the Mediterranean feel of your room.

The Mediterranean themed area

For a light and calming theme, blue area rugs are the way to go. With enough furniture with white shade in them, it would give a dreamy look to your house. Having blue area rugs in the center of your living room would give the perfect finishing touch. With enough lighting in your house, it would make the whole theme even more appealing to look at. If you plan to bring a classic-looking element into your house, then blue area rugs are for you. The classic feel that they bring is simply amazing.

Modern theme

Do you ever feel like renovating your traditional look into a mid-century modern interior? Well, then start with changing your rug. Changing the color is essential if you want to give a whole new look to your place. Let’s say you are going for a classic and class mid-century look with shades of beige and white all around the room. A blue rug for that interior will be perfect for making a change to your old look. Blue area rugs certainly have the power of complementing any and every interior or decor. The versatility in the color is just amazing. It enhances any interior.

Boho theme

Place a boho-themed blue rug in your area and let it make a statement for itself. A boho-themed rug gives an electric and bohemian-themed feel that offers a whole different vibe to the room. The patchwork of a boho rug and the colors around the designs make the rug extra gorgeous. A blue color design with a hint of beige or grey would perfectly complement any room. It is the perfect addition to the room.

Moreover, the blue color is simply breathtaking when placed in any room that has white or neutral colors around it. The decor looks amazing, and so does the color of your blue rug. It is just amazing how this color goes so well with anything and everything.

Oriental-themed rugs

A perfect way to use a blue area rug is to use it on an oriental theme. The Oriental rug has other colors present with blue, for instance, beige and a hint of grey. These area rugs are perfect for an exotic and rustic interior. If your room doesn’t have too much, use a blue oriental rug to complete the look. The unique design and antique structure, and pattern of the rug make the room look more aesthetic. The color of the rug is also a bit dark. That, of course, adds to its beauty and more of an antique look. Many blue rugs can go with any theme, and this one too will be perfect for your living room, sunroom, bedroom, or any other part of the house. It looks particularly great on wood floors and can bring life to it with its amazing hues.

Blue kid’s area rug

Blue is undoubtedly a color that brings a cool, calm, and vibrant vibe to any area. Using a blue area rug for your kid’s room is basically what you need to add a relaxing and peaceful feel. A kids’ room needs to have all kinds of fresh and lovely vibes that you can surely get from a blue rug. Most of the time, kids’ room essentials are costly.

Overdyed rug

What to do for a dark vibrant color? Then don’t fear to overdyed it. A navy blue or a dark blue color gives a modern look to your house. It is just what your home needs when you talk about giving it a refreshing look. Well, overdyed blue area rugs do wonders when the right color is chosen to complement the site.

Where to use a blue rug

You can place a blue area rug anywhere in the house or even in the outdoor area. Your blue rug should make a bold statement for the area, so look around to where it will be the best fit to place.

  • Bedroom

A modern-styled bedroom needs a dark blue rug on the floor to complement its furniture and walls. Use a dark blue rug to match the white or light-colored furniture.

  • Living room

A living room is a place where we spend most of our quality time with our family. Choosing the right color would make the room look vibrant and classy. A blue area rug would be perfect for creating a modern and contemporary living room.

  • Hallways

A dark or light blue runner rug would perfectly complement a hallway. As hallways are narrow spaces, using a dark blue color would make the area stand out pretty well.


A blue-colored rug would perfectly complement any area it is placed in. We have to be careful about matching the interior that belongs with a blue-colored rug. Choosing a perfect color of blue would truly charm the entire area. So, do not wait any longer to buy a blue rug at RugKnots. If you want one, then get it from their huge collection.

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