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Food and Drink

Tater Tots Recipe you love | Easy Recipe

Do you love tater tots and buy them frozen?

You need to stop!

We will help you make the perfect tater tots at home!

The dish is all time favourite dish of your children. Adults love this snack too. The dish could be stored in your freezer for many days. The steps are minimalistic and the procedure is quick. Whenever children demand to have a snack. Mothers already know what they ate demanding. It doesn’t take them longer to prepare the dish. Adults usually like to garnish the herbs like Parsley on them.

People mostly make the dish as a snack. In some families, they have a tradition of serving the dish along the main course. There is no such a tiring procedure. In less than 30 minutes a complete dish is ready. Two steps only requires a stove or fire. The rest of the steps just involve mixing and coating the ingredients.

Recipe for the dish


  • Potato Russet 2 or 3 medium ones
  • Parsley herbs are a small bunch
  • All-purpose flour a tablespoon
  • Salt a tablespoon
  • Pepper powdered from a teaspoon
  • Powder of onion with a half teaspoon
  • Oil 2 cups


  1. Peel off the potatoes skin from them
  2. In a pot place the potatoes and fill in water into it
  3. Next, wait until the potatoes are soft and boiled
  4. Afterward, take them out
  5. Then, mash them with a frater or hands
  6. After that ass all of the ingredients in it except oil
  7. When all of the ingredients have combi Ed with the potato
  8. Then shape them into tater tots shape
  9. Next, fill the pan with oil and place the potatoes in it
  10. Take them out once they turn golden
  11. You can present them with crushed Parsley leaves

The ingredient is controlled by you. Because what to add and what not is up to you. The ingredients like spices, herbs, and cheese are optional. If you like extra spicy then you can add cayenne pepper too.

Tarter tots as appetizers

Tater tots are mainly served as appetizers for the main dish. Apart from this, people often give them lunch for their school-going ones. As they contain a great value of energy for them. Instead of giving them packets of chips and biscuits. This specific dish will be great for them. They will enjoy it. Further, the tater tots won’t get soggy after being placed in Lunch boxes. It’s because of the flour you add. The strong binding won’t let the filling come out.

If your kid has trouble selecting and eating food. Then, don’t force them. Rather serve them creative dishes. Or change the form of the dish. Instead of boiled potatoes feed them this dish. They will surely like the taste. The texture of the tater tots is two yes. The outer part is crunchier while the inner is tender and moist. For tangy flavour people use ketchup. And to get milder taste people even add mayonnaise.

Once you try making them home. You won’t ever like frozen food from the market. Similarly, you won’t require any special or unique ingredients. Rather, just a potato is needed and your recipe will be good. The cheese and spices are always available in your kitchen. You’re a kid who doesn’t like any vegetable. Then feed them potatoes in such form. As they are a healthy meal for them. The spices will be according to their wish.


People enjoy this snack with sandwiches. Mostly, they added melted and shredded cheese. To make them more healthy. They want to have a gooey and sticky taste.

Here are some dishes that can be created using them

  • Make tater tots and sandwich them in nachos
  • Load them with shredded cheese
  • Add garlic to the tater tots

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