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The 5 Dos and Don’ts Of Wearing Sun Screen

The 5 Dos and Don'ts Of Wearing Sun Screen

The Summer has arrived, so it is the most critical time to protect your skin. You should be committed to keeping your family safe, including protecting you from the hazardous effects of unprotected sun exposure. In reality, it doesn’t matter what season it is for sunscreen. Make sunscreen protection your priority.

What is the significance of sunscreen? According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, more than 9,500 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every day. Some people are unaware of how dangerous sun damage may be, but in the United States, two individuals die of skin cancer every hour. Children’s skin is more prone to scorching. Therefore, it’s highly crucial to protect them. This article will talk about the Dos and Don’ts of wearing sunscreens so you stay safe in the sun.

Follow These Five Sunscreen Rules

Do Use Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen 

Choosing a sunscreen can be challenging with so many brands, varieties, and SPF levels. Here are some ways to help you in obtaining the most satisfactory safety for your family:

  • Broad-spectrum sunscreens can protect the skin from UVB and UVA radiation.
  • Antioxidant-rich formulas can give more protection against skin damage.
  • For sensitive skin, zinc-based formulations may be the best option.

Do Apply Often

Sunscreen should be applied before going outside, and it’s crucial to remember to cover more than just your face. Make applying sunscreen a morning ritual, and don’t forget to protect your ears, hands, arms, legs, and scalp. To avoid burns at the margins of your swimsuit on beach days, apply sunscreen before putting it on. After swimming or sweating, reapply the total amount every two hours.

Do Remind Your Man 

According to some studies, women are twice as likely to use sunscreen; only 15% of men use sunscreen daily. Encourage the guys in your life to use sunscreen in their daily routines, and make sure that dads understand how to apply sunscreen to their children properly.

Apply Sunscreen Injuries

The sun is said to help in the healing of wounds. Sun exposure can slow wound healing, increase the risk of scarring, and make existing scars appear darker. Apply sunscreen or fashion clothing with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) on scars and healing wounds (UPF).

Do Purchase Best Sunscreen

When you enjoy something, it’s easy to keep it up. You’ll be less inclined to use sunscreen if you don’t want the aroma or texture. Try out a few different broad-spectrum sunscreens to see which one you prefer. Don’t hesitate to invest in a high-quality sunscreen because sun protection is essential to your health regimen.

Five Things to Avoid in Sunscreen

Don’t rely solely on sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential, but it cannot provide complete protection in all circumstances. These products should also be in your sun-protection arsenal:

  • Since the eyelids are fragile, it is vital not to apply sunscreen too close to the eyes, especially for children. Make sure everyone is wearing sunglasses with a UV400 or higher rating.
  • Swim shirts or rashguards made of UPF fabric help protect your skin from the sun during long swim sessions.
  • Even with sweatproof sunscreen, hats are required when exercising outside. A hat made of UPF-rated material can give additional protection.

Don’t Believe You’re Safe Just Because You’re Not Burning

According to common myths about sunscreen, people with naturally darker skin types do not need sunscreen, and no one needs sunscreen later in the afternoon. Anyone can be affected by the UVA and UVB radiation that cause skin cancer and apparent indications of age. Even if you don’t burn quickly, no one is immune to sun damage. UVA and UVB radiation can harm your skin on any day, even when it’s gloomy or overcast, so apply sunscreen regardless of the weather forecast.

Don’t Rely on Your Makeup’s SPF

SPF makeup is an excellent backup to your regular sunscreen, but it shouldn’t be your primary sun protection. Most people don’t use enough makeup to provide proper protection. Plus, if you’re going to be outside for more than 15 minutes, you should wear sunscreen on all exposed regions, not just your face.

Remember to Double-Check the Expiration Date

It is critical to read the expiration date listed on the label of any sunscreen product. If your sunscreen has expired, you will not be protected from damaging UVA and UVB radiation. Children’s sunscreen should be used with caution, as they may not know they are burning until it is too late.

Don’t Save Your SPF Only for the Beach

Sunscreen is a must-have in any beach bag. It should be a commonly used item that is well-stocked in your home. In every season, sunscreen should be worn before running errands, playing outside, or going on a walk.

Tips On Shopping Sunscreen

  • Consider Your Skin Type 

Many sunscreens are designed to help those who have dry, oily, or sensitive skin. People with dry skin should seek chemicals like glycerin, lanolin, oils, silicones (like dimethicone), and aloe. Avoid sunscreen sprays or gels with alcohol. Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free sunscreens and mineral sunscreens with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide are suitable choices for sensitive skin. Preservatives and alcohol should also be avoided.

  • Shop On Seasonal Sales

If you don’t apply enough sunscreen, you won’t be able to get all the protection you need to save your skin from the sun’s heat. Apply sunscreen every two hours whenever you’re outside in the sun. Since sunscreen expires after two to three years, most people purchase enough sunscreen whenever there is a seasonal sale or discount offer. Stores offer great deals to their customers, for instance, Simply be voucher codes and other stores on their sunscreen collection. You can save great bucks on shopping in these promotional sales.

  • Know the Ingredients in Your Sunscreen

A short glance at the ingredients list can guarantee that you get that coverage you require. Look for the term “wide spectrum” on the label to protect you from UVA and UVB rays. Mineral (or physical) sunscreen works by reflecting the sun’s rays off your skin using natural minerals like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Chemical sunscreens use chemical substances such as avobenzone, and biscotizole, which provide broad-spectrum protection.


So, these are the Dos and Don’ts of wearing sunscreens. Sunscreens are essential for your skin protection and care. Practice the above tips to get glowing skin and protection from scorching sunlight.

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