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The 5 Things You Should Know About Wall Tapestries


Are you living in a rented house or in a hostel? Are you bored with the same white walls all around you? Then do not worry, even if you stay in a rental house, there are some great ideas that can work out which do not harm or damage the wall of the room. But before that you must know what these wall tapestries are and how they can substitute for the bored white walls. 

What is wall tapestry? 

Tapestry is a popular form of decorative item that is used as a hanging item attached to the wall. It can also be hung from a rod in the middle of a large room in order to make partitions in the room. They are woven to form in a nice colorful way that suits your room and there are many types that will also set the mood of the room. It will not only give an elegant look to the room but also increase the interest among your guests and visitors, who see these tapestries in your room. So, bring them up to immediately decorate your room. 

Where is the best place to hang or stick your wall tapestry? 

It is literally everywhere that you can hang your wall tapestry. It looks good everywhere and anywhere in your room based on the theme that your room is built. You can hang them in your living area for the best ambiance during occasions. You can also keep it as a backdrop for special videos at your home or rental rooms. Since they are replaceable, you can have multiple options to stick to the wall for different videos on the same wall. You can also hang up at the study table or behind the bed etc. 

How to hang the wall tapestry? 

There are a lot of ideas to hang the wall tapestry and here you can find some of the most interesting of them. Pick a tapestry that you feel good and live. Then decide your favorite place to put your tapestry and this place should be in a color that can be matched with the tapestry, so that the room looks elegant. Once you choose the place, just mark the distance between the two ends of the tapestry on the wall.

This will be the same for any type of wall hanging tapestry. Now, you can choose which method you want from the following methods.

using pushpin

The first method is by using pushpin. Pushpin is found everywhere, which you can easily use for your wooden walls. But the only problem with this is the holes that it makes. But it is the most convenient way to hang the tapestry as well. Now take the pushpin and pierce on the one side of the wall and hang the built-in loops of the tapestry and you can do the same to the other end. If you do not have the built-in loops, you can directly stick the pushpin into the tapestry against the wall. 

using a velcro-like texture

The second method is using a velcro-like texture that can act as an adhesive strip so that you need not make any hole on the wall. This can be used by the rentals without damaging the walls. Stick the adhesive strips on the wall on both the sides and then attach the tapestry having the velcro-like texture to the adhesive strip. This will stay on the wall for years together. 

using the small hooks

And the last method is using the small hooks for hanging with the help of a rod. In this you can use the tapestry either for sticking to the wall. As a hanging item in the room. Now, for this, you need drapery rings, hanging hooks, adhesive strips, and a rod along with the tapestry. You can choose a place to hang and then take a string and stick it to the hook. Then with the help of the other side of the strip. You can stick the hook to the ceiling and repeat the same to the other end. Then use the drapery rings and clip them with the tapestry. Finally, insert the rod on the hooks so that you can hang the tapestry with the help of the rings. 

How to care and use it for multipurpose? 

You can simply clean it with the help of the little vacuum cleaner or dry it up after washing. And apart from using it as a wall tapestry, you can use it as a nice bed sheet, or take to the beach for relaxation. Or use it as a cover to study table. So it is that simple and easy for an amazing look to your room. 

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