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The Best Ads of Super Bowl from the Past

The next Super Bowl is coming. And as we approach the big game, Americans are just not as eager for football – they are excited to see what the big budget companies of the country are going to do with you in this year’s ads.

While much remains to be learned about the 2022 Super Bowl ads, a few leaked ads from graphic designer for website India indicate that much of the content will deviate from the comic-related side, while giving viewers the enjoyment of high-budget Super Bowl ads that we know and love.

Here is just one example of the sales we can expect on Super Bowl Sunday from Budweiser. The ad, directed by Academy Award winner Chloé Zhao, includes a Clydesdale horse that overcomes debilitating injuries, intended to show the resilience people often show during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Best Super Bowl Ads

Reddit’s SuperBowl ad

The Super Bowl has moved from a traditional retail event to a venue of all kinds over the past five years. And a good example is this Reddit ad from the 2021 Super Bowl. Something so out of place in all the Super Bowl Ads that it has become a Super Bowl ad fairy tale. Reddit has created a very short 5-second ad. It has been a slide from Reddit that disrupts regular ad images and talks about how subordinates have the opportunity to change the course of events. This, of course, was a nod to WallStreetBets’ day traders who recently disrupted the industry.

Loretta Google

The Google Super Bowl ad tells the story of a man who does not want to forget the memories he has with his wife. In FUN’s “Say Something” sounds, the man writes “how to forget” on Google and sees search results on how to improve memory. He then used voice search to say, “Hey Google. Show me my pictures Loretta.”

While many Super Bowl ads focus on throwing viewers into action, highlighting celebrities, or jokes, Google has taken a heartwarming approach to remind viewers of how its products can help people in various areas of their lives. Although the search helped the man learn the memory tips, Drive and Assistant were able to help him remember the memories related to his marriage.


For the exact three years between 2015 and 2017, the Skittles have purchased Super Bowl advertising venues. For the next two years, the colorful candy undoubtedly garnered extra attention during the Super Bowl weekend without spreading the venue of the big game.

In 2018, the “rainbow dinner” booked Friends star David Schwimmer to receive four 15-second captions with a Skittles ad that the public would not be able to see. Instead, the final trade was shown to a single audience – 17-year-old Marcos Menendez – while Facebook Live viewers were given the opportunity to watch Menendez watch the ad. The stunt gained the spread of the media, aided by Schwammer’s enthusiastic participation. The following year, the Skittles put themselves at the forefront of a fantastic eye-catching scheme for the Super Bowl weekend.

“So if you want to be the first, it makes sense for this genre to focus on 20 things to explore what might happen and ask rude questions.”

We All Win Microsoft

After Microsoft noted that people with missing limbs or who could not walk slowly had difficulty holding and pressing buttons on video game controllers, the technology company developed a flexible controller with touch pads instead of buttons.

Following the launch of the controls, Microsoft highlighted the issue with the help of graphic designer for website of how to resolve customer issues in the 2019 Super Bowl ad entitled, “We All Win.” and beat all the marks according to emotions, start a dialogue, and have fun. It was not an ad about disability, it was about kids wanting to play video games, “said Dmitry Shamis, CEO of Creative.” I loved it in February and I still love it. “

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