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Tips to Select a Wedding Planner for Your Shia Matrimony

Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for those who are getting married. So to make that event more memorable and flawless need a lot of work. In older days the family, relatives and friends of the couple come together to make things easier. They share the work and burden equally to make things easier for the couple.

One group will take care of the food and accommodation, meanwhile the other will take care of the decorations. Like this, the friends and relatives will share the work burden and reduce the stress of the family. This was not a tradition but was still followed by the families and relatives at Indian weddings. 

As time goes on and everyone gets busy in their life. They couldn’t find time to help others even if they want to. Because it is not easy to find time for others when you can’t spend time with yourself. This has become a major drawback and problem in Indian weddings. That’s when the wedding planners come into the picture. 

For instance, if you are planning your Shia matrimony then they can help you with that as well. Wedding planners are solving an issue that needs to be solved. They also bring their expertise and creativity into this business to help you in your Shia matrimony. This will help the yet to be couples and their families to worry less.

But before selecting a wedding planner, you should remember some important things. Because you are trusting your once-in-a-lifetime event in someone’s hand. So remember the following before selecting a wedding planner for your Shia matrimony.

Check their Reviews

Reviews are a great way to know about a business. Because people like to share about a business’s negatives online so that others won’t face the same problems. It will also help the business to improve itself to provide great customer service. Most businesses have a website of their own or a social media page. 

You can also find a business through Google and check their reviews there. Most people like to engage in a business’s social media page. Because businesses take it seriously as it affects their brand name and reputation. So these are the best places to check a business’s reviews. Reviews are a great way to analyze a business’s efficiency and reliability. 


Check the prices of the wedding planner after checking their reviews. Move ahead to the price checking step only when you find them reliable after checking the reviews. This is to make sure only to check whether the wedding planner fits in your budget or not. Always have a list of wedding planners after the review step. 

Because having multiple options will help you filter for the best one within your budget. In addition, you can also compare the pricing of multiple wedding planners. And then find the best one for your Shia matrimony. This is an important step to remember because most people like to have a budget wedding. 


Another important factor to remember is checking the services they provide as a wedding planner. Before booking them make sure that they are providing they are all the services as a single package. Because after booking you can’t go back and fight with them to add everything under a single package. 

This will also break the mutual respect and bond between the wedding planner and you. And this will impact the planning and budgeting process. So make sure that you have checked their package and that all the services are included in the package. In this way, you can save money, stress and last-minute tensions. 

The steps mentioned above are the most basic and important things to remember when selecting a wedding planner. And also remember that they are here to help you fulfil your dream wedding. So never hesitate to speak about your expectations, needs and imagination of your Shia matrimony.

When you explain your needs and expectations, then only the wedding planners can devise a great plan. So it is up to you to bring life to your dream Shia matrimony. Remember to have a backup plan when planning your Shia matrimony. This will surely help you avoid last-minute stress and tension in your Shia matrimony.

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