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To Convert An Attic Into A Living Room

If you already have a convertible attic in your home. It is good that you have planned, in the more or less short term, to provide for the development.

The family is a workforce with variable geometry. Children who come to be added, grow up and then, after years, leave the home. It is frequent that, during construction, the possibility of carrying out an enlargement of the roof spaces initially comes. You can contact House Extension Services In Leicester.

This allows, without losing surface area on the ground. Without losing the usefulness of a garage, to recover useful square meters. To be able to envisage work as soon as necessary.

This does not exclude the obligation of certain steps. Which will be briefly presented here. Since they have already been set out. In the article on the Price of the development of the attic or the attic.

As will also be given the outline of the work to be done. Particular emphasis on those that are still mostly related to this development, such as access, light, or insulation.

Lost attics and convertible attics

We are talking about convertible attics compared to lost attics. That does not allow this development due to lack of height. Or because of the principle of the framework. Even if, in these last cases, a modification remains possible. But could represent such an investment. That it would perhaps be preferable to think of enlargement by another means. If the dwelling and the land allow it.

What rooms to make in a convertible attic

Inconvertible attics, it is more common to place bedrooms, a bathroom, WC, a restroom, or a games room, than a dining room or a kitchen. But, technically, everything is possible and the technical constraints won’t eliminate anything… apart from the garage.

But, the advice, is to technically place new water points above the existing water points to limit the work and the necessary pipes.

The other constraint is also to take into account the capacities of a boiler or a water heater to know if additions are possible or if new techniques are to be expected (electric radiators, an independent water heater, etc. .). And in the same way, if your electric meter will support an additional overload or if you must request new power from your electricity supplier.

The feasibility of the project

If you are already in possession of a convertible attic, it is good that the possibility exists and that, technically, nothing is opposed to this development. Even though, when you filed the initial building permit for your house, you had already contacted the town planning department to make sure that this modification to your home would meet the criteria. But, as the POS or the PLU could be modified, the best thing is still to go to the town hall to see if your project still seems acceptable.

The most important attic design questions

Your project is therefore viable, so there are still a few strong points to study in order to move on to the development phase of your attic.


If this access does not exist or only exists via a retractable attic ladder. You will very quickly have to consider this crucial question of permanent access to your convertible attic.
A crucial question because it will also involve a loss of space on the floor below and it will therefore be necessary to find where to place it at a lower cost, avoiding re-partitioning everything in the existing one, both by keeping in mind the practical side. An equation with many unknowns is not always easy to solve.
You will need this staircase very quickly so that the other work can be carried out in good condition by the various contractors. And that the furniture that will be used to equip these rooms can be supplied.
The price, the functionality, and the safety are to be taken into account, according to what you will achieve as part and the frequency with which they are used.

The luminosity

You may have already taken this into account when you initially made your convertible attic. If you were careful, include dormers, canopies, or skylights.
If this is not the case, you will have to think very quickly. About the entry of natural light into your room or your rooms. That is to say that you also need to think about your layout. (How many rooms? Where are they placed?). So that each can have this light, but also air circulation.

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