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Top advantages of applicant tracking system in Manhattan, United States

Applicant Tracking System takes care of everything for recruiters, from candidate sourcing to interview scheduling. That’s why, for their hiring needs, more than 75% of recruiters use an applicant tracking system. Applicant tracking systems, or recruitment software as some prefer to call it, can be quite beneficial to recruiters and HR professionals. As a result, 94 percent of recruiters feel that adopting an applicant tracking system has improved their hiring process.

1. Enhances the employer brand

Your prospects will have a smooth user experience from the time they apply for a position to the time they are onboarded if you employ a recruitment marketing platform. These same applicants will almost certainly speak well of your company. As a result, you can strengthen your employer brand and gain a competitive advantage.

2. Enhances the hiring quality

The complete value a hired individual brings to your organisation through their performance is referred to as quality of hiring. An online applicant tracking system (ATS) not only speeds up the hiring process, but it also makes your prospect pool more relevant to business needs. A streamlined hiring procedure and a high-quality pool of shortlisted candidates. It can assist you in achieving the highest level of hire quality.

3. Makes it simple to manage and track applicants

Gone are the days when recruiters had to keep track of applicants using a plethora of emails and excel files. It can be difficult to organise and manage the profiles of hundreds of candidates. As a result, the best application tracking system (ATS) allows you to simply manage and track all of the applicants in a single database. As a result, you can simply evaluate, compare, and share your candidates with your teammates.

4. Expanded Reach

The wider your reach, the more likely you are to find the ideal candidate for your job opportunity. So, if you want to hire incredible people, you’ll need a wider audience for your job postings. An applicant tracking system allows you to reach a large number of people. To begin with, you can publish positions to various job boards with just one click. Second, an ATS’s SEO-friendly practises and algorithm allow you to reach a bigger audience.

5. Use real-time reports to monitor your progress.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) not only makes it easier to hire outstanding employees, but it also provides features that allow you to monitor and track your whole hiring process. An applicant tracking system can generate real-time information and statistics to assist you in tracking your entire recruitment process. It collects data from many stages of the hiring process, from job posting to interview scheduling, and keeps track of how duties are completed.

6. Interview Scheduling Made Simple

Shortlisting the greatest minds for your firm is simple. Allocating time slots and scheduling interviews is the most difficult component of the hiring process. You must ensure that the time allotted to someone does not conflict with the time allotted to someone else. In addition, each candidate must be given an equal chance. As a result, an ATS also automates this time-consuming operation. An ATS can send automated emails to all of the candidates who have been shortlisted, informing them of the scheduled interview.

7. Build a Talent Pool

It occurs all the time that the perfect candidate shows up at the wrong time. To put it another way, a candidate may not appear to be a good fit for a certain post, but they could be ideal for future openings. That is why you will require a talent pool. Many applicant tracking systems (ATS) contain capabilities that allow you to import candidates from a variety of sources and establish your own talent pool.

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