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Top features of Real estate solutions

MiT Software It is characterized by a wide range of options for the online market, offering personalized solutions that adapt to the needs of each client. Real Estate Solutions is a set of software, platforms managed by: Real Estate Management como lo es MiT Real Estate Overview or maybe a platform where you manage your stay as MiT Resort and we also have MiT Property Management.

Real Estate offers applications, software, platforms for real estate solutions companies and independents where real estate agents offer their products and services in the same way as construction companies etc. In any case, all of these platforms offer a range of benefits that go beyond the traditional market. With this platform you will find a tailor-made solution that adapts to your requirements.

What solution offers MiT Software owned?

If you want to create a custom software that will allow you to manage your properties, your stay and your products and services as a real estate agent in the best possible way, you can choose one of the options that our real estate offers you.

MiT real estate overview

With Real Estate Overview is a platform to manage your real estate, aimed at real estate agencies, brokers and independents.
We mention some of the main features of the MiT Immobilien platform that you can purchase from MiT Software:
360 ​​° Virtual Tour: Go through each property and visualize all the areas that interest you with great visibility, such as: B. Bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, etc.
Mortgage Calculator: Calculate and plan the mortgage you can access according to your purchasing power.
Monetization system: Thanks to the integrated payment system, you can pay from the comfort of your own home.

MiT Resort

MiT Resort is software created from customer research. It meets the needs of hostel owners, hotel managers and room renters around the world and is positioned as a comprehensive rental business management tool.
Our software is built on three principles: We must save managers, employees and tenants time, money and hassle to make their hosting experience seamless.

Below we mention some features of our platform:

Interactive dashboard with ads.
Manage all finances like: utilities, expenses, rent, salaries.
Design user roles and permissions.
Chats that allow you to communicate with employees.
Transmission of messages, ratings and comments.
Organize, create, edit, add and remove resources from rooms and guests to organization staff.

MiT Property Manager

MiT Immobilien is a platform with a 5-level control panel that allows you to do withIt manages your properties with all the details you need.
Our software offers various features, among which we highlight the following:

The owner can manage his apartment with reports.
The admin can help the tenant to manage complaints with a staff member and update the status after resolution.
The admin can quickly check the available rooms.
The manager can create multiple buildings and assistant managers for each property.
The manager can control the entire apartment.
The employee can check their salary and handle complaints with reports.
The tenant can view the rental account statement and process complaints with reports.

Software as a Service – SaaS

El software service as a service (SaaS) is what promits your company to provide a service in the cloud so that your customers can access it from anywhere and anytime without the need for an application on their mobile devices.
With the SaaS , your company can offer specialized services in specific areas and charge a monthly fee for it. E-mail services, calendars or office tools are common examples of SaaS. MiT Software We work to implement and maintain the SaaS so you can monetize your services in the cloud.

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