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Health and Medical

Tricks to Make Your Home Allergy Free

Allergy is the most common substance annoying most people at some point of their lives. Even in your home you are not safe from allergy. But now you can! To ensure that your home is healthy and free from allergens you need to use some tricks. We have summed up those in this blog for your sake. Just read it once!

Place a welcome mat

Certain allergens such pollen comes into the house through shoes. So, place a welcome mat ask all the visitors or guests to wipe the shoes on them before coming inside. Always go for such a rubber mat which you can clean easily. Also it is better to if you ask the visitors to put off the shoes at door.

Purify the air using HEPA filter

HEPA filter is really effective in capturing 99% of dirt and allergies. It is really excellent in the removal of pollen and pet dander. However, the efficiency drops down when it comes to trapping dust mites. Check for the home appliance units along the (CADR) clean air delivery date to get the most effective one for your home.

Upgrade furnace filter

Place pleated paper filters having efficiency (MERV) with 7-13. It will act similarly to that of the HEPA filter. Opt for the electrostatic one that makes use of charged fibres for trapping the allergens. Try to change the filters once in every three months for good working condition of the furnace.

If you have the budget then, opt for the expensive option i.e., whole-house electrostatic filter unit for adding to air-conditioning and heating system.

Electronic air cleaners

Instead of using fans or filters these machines prefer electric charge to trap the pollutants and dirt. As these can release ozone sometimes your allergy can become worse. You can take it to roam throughout the house, place on furnace and mount on ceiling.

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Get a neti pot

Manage the allergy symptoms by cleaning the nasal passage. Take a pot; fill it with lukewarm saline water made from distilled or sterile water. By tilting the head on sink pour the liquid into a nostril and allow it come out of another. Rinse bottle or bulb syringe can be used as well.

Keep OTC allergy medications handy

These are available in nasal sprays, eye drops and pills. The antihistamine pills provide relief from runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing. Decongestants are excellent for stuffy nose. You can seek some relief from eye itching by applying antihistamine drops.

Prevent from runny nose and sneezing by applying allergy nasal sprays. Don’t mix it up with the decongestant sprays. On using them for consistent 3 days, your nose stuffiness can become worse than ever.

Dehumidifiers and humidifiers

Numerous tiny creatures such as dust mites start hosting in carpet, sofa and bed. All of these are enough to trigger allergies. They can survive for long in moist and warm air. So, you need to keep the humidity of indoor low.

But excessively dry air will cause nose irritation making the symptoms worse than ever. Try to maintain the humidity of the room 30%-50%. Get a hygrometer to regulate it.

Prepare the bed again

Allergy attacks are possible to avoid by keeping dust mites at the bay. Therefore, you should pay extra heed to pillows and mattresses. Opt for comforters and pillows in man-made materials rather than mite-friendly feathers. It cannot trigger the allergens. Cut back the throw pillows and wash the bedding every week in warm water.

Cover up

Protect the box springs, mattress and pillows using allergen-proof covers. You can get one from the nearby store as per the size of the bed.

Change the dust cloth frequently

Instead, old T-shirt and cotton towel for dusting use microfiber cloth. Its fibres possess electrostatic charge to trap the dust easily. You can also wash it in the machine. Otherwise, you need to change the dirt cloth. Get special wipes, and microfiber mitts for electronics, delicate items and hard-to-reach spots.

Put on mask and gloves

Household cleaning chores lead to high allergy triggers due to the presence of leaf mould, pollen, pet dander and dust. While you set out for cleaning put on the safety mask and gloves to handle those mess.

Vacuum the room

If you vacuum the room every week then it makes it allergy-resistance. But any standard cleaner can combine the allergens and dust into air. So, try to use a powerful vacuum cleaner with attachable replaceable filter or double bag.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is really helpful in eliminating dust mites from upholstered furniture and carpets. You can buy or rent one from the home improvement or grocery store. Many manufacturers bring cleaning solutions to the market to control allergy triggers. In the end, dead mites are easily to soak up by vacuum.

Wipe out the mould

Wet and damp places like bathroom and kitchen are always favourable spot for the mould to infest. You have to disinfect, clean and dry up the area to kill them. For that scrub the spots using stiff brush, water and soap. Mould-killing disinfecting product contains vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine bleach. On cleaning, dry it up using exhaust fan to stop them from coming back again.

Pet beds and shampoos

It is possible to manage the symptoms and chance of allergy if there is less pet dander. In such case, make use of mild shampoo for bathing the pets often. If they don’t want to bath then wipe them out using damp cloth. Also you can get pet wipes. Try to wash the bedding in hot water once in every week or wipe out if the bed is plastic.

Get washable toys

Soft toys easily attract dust mites and dander along dirt. During buying any check the label to ensure that it is washable. Wash them in the machine with the help of hot water. If you store them then keep on the shelves instead of bed. Take a piece of damp cloth for wiping down wooden and plastic toys.

Allergy can happen due to numerous substances. Even these cannot help you to stay away from allergies then visit a doctor for private allergy testing. It will help in determining the exact causes of your allergy and seek right treatment on time.

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