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Unbelievable Tactics That Can Help You Grow Your Laravel Website

Laravel has become one of the most popular PHP frameworks to develop applications that run on the LAMP stack. From personal experience, I can tell you that laravel development agency sites are clean, elegant, and beautiful.

They are also feature-rich and offer a lot of customization. As a Java developer, I check out a lot of Laravel sites to learn from the community. Here are some things I have noticed about these custom laravel web development sites that can help you to become a better developer.


Limit the number of libraries that are included

Be purposeful with libraries. Your application can certainly benefit from the use of a number of different libraries, but it’s important to know what libraries you’re including in Composer and in your project directory on the file system so that every library is purposeful and necessary.

Caching of routes

To enable route cache for PHP, run PHP artisan route: cache. You must remember to run it any time you change the configuration, or the app will load your previously loaded changes. If you use the Command Line Interface (CLI), ensure you update config/app.php.

The PHP artisan route sign is a must-have functionality when developing your project in PHP. It can speed up the performance of your website by caching data and avoiding the need to reload it every time you refresh a page.

If you are using this functionality then you must remember to run ‘PHP artisan route: cache’ at any time that you change the configuration or it will not update the changed data on your page.

Improvements to the classmap

Using an all-inclusive file can be a great way to keep your Laravel app running efficiently. This is because if you place all of your normal files (like .css .js, and .php) in one single file and then include that file inside a PHP script, the page will load much faster since there will be fewer HTTP requests for it.

 You must only call this file once for all laravel development agency to load together into your laravel web development company application.

In order to speed up your Laravel application, you should combine all of the files into one single file. This will expedite the loading time. For an easy integration using a variety of commands, check out here for top Laravel developers.

Enhance the command’s efficacy and configure caching

There’s a great artisan command called to make: migration that allows you to create new migrations with ease. This command is quite useful and when paired up with the cache: clear command. Or the — Purge the Cache & Refresh Middleware gives us an easy way to quickly clear the raw-generated SQL in our application thus improving its overall performance.

If a large number of migrations have been created, it will be really helpful to run a migration instead of loading up all those files individually.

Pick a Cache and Session driver that is quick

Your sessions should remain active in your memory. Given the proper infrastructure and configuration, this can help your custom laravel development application perform better by 2021. An efficient Laravel programmer can change the session key in app/Config/session.php, or the cache key in app/Config/cache.php as needed.

Utilizing plugins cheaply

There are many free libraries and plugins available in the Laravel community, but due to their complexity – they tend to cause sluggishness when used. So you may limit the use of unnecessary plugins to keep your app running at a smooth pace. This will be a great and efficient way to boost the performance of your PHP-based app.


We hope you enjoyed our blog on how to grow your Laravel website. We know that you will be able to use this information to set up your website properly and get it growing to the next level. If you have any further questions about Laravel or web development, please contact us anytime at 8therate. It’s a web development specialists company.

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