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Water damage to your phone: what to do

Splash! Sure enough, you are just enjoying the sun in the garden; drop your phone in your foot bath. What now? Put it in a bowl of rice? Or let it dry on the windowsill? We have prepared a special step-by-step plan for non-waterproof telephones. So you know exactly what to do to save your phone from drowning.

Do you have a waterproof phone?

More and more phones are waterproof. Also, new iPhones. For this, these phones even have an IP certificate, such as IP67 or IP68. IP stands for international protection to indicate that this is a worldwide standard. The first number, the 6, means that no dust can get into the phone.

What does the second number mean? The higher the number, the more waterproof a phone is. Seven means that a telephone is immersion-proof. The phone can therefore remain underwater for a short time. 8 means the phone is waterproof and can stay submerged for longer. How long and how deep? This is stated in the product information of a telephone with an IP68 certificate. Please note: that does not make your phone suitable for the salt of the sea or the chlorine of a swimming pool. It is, therefore, not the intention that you go swimming with your phone.

Accidentally drop a non-waterproof phone into water? Or does your phone have an IP-67/68 certification, but does it fall into the sea or swimming pool water? Read below what you should do to limit the damage as much as possible.

Drop your phone in water? You can do this!

1. Immediately remove your phone from the water.

2. Turn off your device.

3. Remove your case, case, or cover. Have you plugged in headphones? Unlink this.

4. Remove your SIM card from your phone. Does it also have a MicroSD card? Take this out.

5. Pat your phone dry with absorbent paper or a clean tea towel.

6. Do you have a phone that you can remove the battery from yourself? Remove this battery from your phone.

7. Place the appliance in an airtight container with rice. Rice is absorbent and draws the moisture out of your phone.

8. Wait 24 to 48 hours to take your phone out of the rice and turn it on again.

Is your phone no longer turning on? That’s not good news. We advise you to call in an expert from, for example, the Apple App Store or the repair shop around the corner.

Wet phone? Do not do this.

– Switch on the device. Don’t go and see if your phone still works. This can cause a short circuit. Let him out.

– Shake and move. This disperses the water in the phone.

– Place on the heater. This can speed up the drying process but can overheat other parts.

– Hang from the charger (electricity). This can cause a short circuit.

– Put in the microwave. This is very dangerous.

– Lay in the sun. This allows the water to dry up but can cause other parts to overheat.

KPN Device Insurance

At KPN, you can ensure your telephone against water damage with ToestelInsurance. This is possible at the time of purchase or up to thirty days after the purchase of your order. Handy, because with ToestelInsurance, you already have a replacement device at home the next day. Minimal downtime! Also, the coverage is worldwide. AT&T insurance also covers the damage if your smartphone falls into the water while on holiday and then no longer works.

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