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Computers and Technology

Web Marketing Should Be Emotionally Driven

Humans are emotional creatures. Many scientists agree that the most important and emotional reactions.It is to the world around us. such as fear of threat, a little anger, love, and compassion for lonely people.These are based on survival instincts. After all, many of these feelings are directed toward protecting ourselves or into the future of mankind. Harvard Business Review calls this “emotions before reason.”

This behavior seems illogical at first glance. In other words, until you think that most parents prioritize. the safety of their children over themselves. you are effectively despising the logic that proves that you are alive.

Or think about how many people have done stupid. There are horrifying things in the process of mankind in the name. One of the most basic and most notorious feelings of “love” in existence.

That is, emotions sometimes ignore logic. It’s interesting because perhaps the most logical field in the world. business tends to ignore much of human emotion every day. while always wanting to keep an eye on the emotional impact of marketing.

Business as logic

There is so much focus on logic in business.

For example, managers are instructed to think away when hiring or dismissing people. You are instructed to avoid emotional relationships. These may hurt your ability to make wise choices that affect your interests. such as “family is family, business is business”.

The same is true for most of the decisions we make in marketing. Target Market Consider a data-driven survey conducted to determine a market. Then make a very important decision about where, when, and how to direct your marketing budget to those who have the most significant impact on your bottom line.

Most data does not contain emotional elements. But ignore the emotional aspects of marketing, even if you make great choices about who to target and what policies to take to reach them, and when they react positively. That way, they are unlikely to be able to maintain their interest.

Marketing is emotional

Let’s say you recently started making a product that targets people over the age of 35. The group has determined that they tend to respond positively to social media marketing packages, primarily including videos. So, to publish your video to all the social media channels used in your target market, we decide to make a video that will appeal to your product.

However, you neglect to address the emotional side of the message and incorporate light jokes to make it easier for users to pick up your new product. Unfortunately, the target who watched the video feels that the problem they are facing is neglected by the joke.

Thus, neglecting the emotional side of marketing can endanger the bottom line.

Consider Sarah McLachlan’s CM for the American Society for the Prevention of Animals (ASPCA) .

McLachlan’s sad song (Angel) is played in BGM in a montage video calling for foster parents of abandoned and abused animals and donations to care for them. Even McLachlan says he can hardly see the last cut. However, the commercial was effective and the organization received more than $ 30 million in donations during the broadcast.

Looking at the Budweiser (beer) horse commercial, the Jeep soldier return commercial, and Sarah McLachlan himself, effective use of emotional marketing is a valuable tool in today’s context. It is clear.

Emotional marketing starts at the root

People experience emotions in almost every action, including using and purchasing products. It’s easy to see where emotions play a big role in the way we react to a particular advertising campaign, but true emotional marketing begins the moment a person first encounters a brand. ..

Sometimes it’s on TV, but as corporate website design is becoming an important emotional marketing tool, we’re seeing more and more brands for the first time online.

If you’re not a web designer (though most people don’t), you may not know where to start investigating the emotional impact of your website. Take a step back and approach your website with a fresh eye and think about your overall impression, just as new prospects do.

Positive, Negative, Fresh, Neutral, Serious, Professional, Exciting, etc…

The withdrawal rate.

These adjectives may or may not be the impression you are trying to acquire. But when it comes to understanding why some potential customers leave your site instead of trying to get to know your product, think about how your site will impress those who see it. Is worth it. One of the key factors digital marketing services see to determine how effective a website is when it comes to the most important role of a website, which is to get users to click and buy a product. The withdrawal rate.

The first impression is the most basic level of analyzing website design. If a website intuitively provokes a negative reaction, it doesn’t matter how good the message is or how famous the brand is. Branding and emotions must work side by side if you want your users to clear the initial reaction and get interested in the product.

When you first visit a website, many things affect your emotions. Emotional reactions to specific colors, celebrities, co-sponsors, and even layout and image quality work together to provoke the first reaction.

Attract prospects

Even if a first-time user of your website doesn’t feel uncomfortable and has a good impression, it takes more emotional work to take you to the next stage to have a good relationship with your prospects. Here you have to keep your users on your website and devise enough to get them to know what the products and services you offer.

What makes your website attractive and intriguing? Do you use photos to provoke the emotional reaction you want? How about the video? Humans process video many times faster than text. The numbers are often controversial but are said to be 60,000 times faster.

Website Marketing

Consider a branded website that appeals to physically active users. to let them know what the product can do for their active lifestyle. Serious and static websites rarely provoke emotions. It is needed to intrigue a target. However, the right video in which the product is used and the energetic colors may have the exact opposite effect.

If your website is full of text or has a lot of blank space. you’re missing out on a significant opportunity to interact. with your brand without having an emotional relationship with your users.

Get involved in getting customers to act

The emotional appeal of the final step to your customers is to get involved in your site and get involved in the product. In 2019, one of the most interesting ways businesses are taking to accomplish this step is with the use of augmented reality (AR).

AR marketing captures the user’s environment. and places the product within it. That way, you can get a first-hand experience. with your product while your prospects. there are wondering whether to buy. Companies that have made great strides. in incorporating AR include IKEA. Many things and popular makeup brands Covergirl and Sephora.

Let’s take a look at IKEA. What’s a better way to appeal to your emotions than to let your prospects. experience the impact of new furniture on your home.  This was exactly what IKEA planned when it designed the new catalog. aiming to experience the emotional effect of allowing users. It is to incorporate furniture even before purchase. All the user had to do to complete this effect. There was to click to get to the order page.

The immersive experience isn’t new to IKEA. given that it’s a kind of interactive way to showcase. It almost every product in the store, says. “Our products look like this at your home.” There is none. However, this was the first time. I had attempted this online, and the emotional appeal was perfect.


Emotions play a much more important role in marketing than is generally thinking. Emotions are essential when making important business decisions. If your website or other marketing strategy isn’t emotionally appealing to your turkey, you’re not maximizing your achievable potential

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