What Do You Need To Know About Digital Vehicle Inspection Software?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Digital Vehicle Inspection” or “DVI” discussed in community groups, podcasts, or seminars in the automotive business. DVI is more prevalent than ever before, yet many workshops have yet to adopt it or even understand “what it is,” This may be the most critical issue you’ve asked about in your company.

With DVI, you can finally say goodbye to paper-based inspections and all their associated hassles, such as paper clips, pencils, and paper inspection forms. When you use digital vehicle inspection software, you can easily keep track of your checklists, attach documents, and send reports to your customers by text message or email.

DVI reports may be sent with a link to the client, which is a big deal for the car sector. Images, videos, and other visual aids are used in place of traditional customer service methods like phone calls or in-store demonstrations to help customers understand what they’re dealing with. It is true because DVI eliminates the actual presence of the clients since images and video clips indicate what’s wrong with the automobile instead of the technician informing them.

Customers may make an educated choice based on the DVI and alert the technician whether the requested work is approved from the comfort of their workplace or home. Customers benefit from the improved communication and shorter turnaround time provided by digital inspections.

Imagine This:

Let’s say a customer went to work and left their car in the garage. The faulty brake on their automobile needs detailing. During the inspection, the technician takes pictures and video recordings of the vehicle’s rotors to compile a DVI that includes a video showing how poorly the rotors operate.

The customer examines the advice and approves of the repairs. Almost often, clients respond quickly and implement their ideas the same day.

An Overview of Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) is Given

  • DVI is a piece of software used to record vehicle inspections digitally
  • Smartphones and tablets can be used instead of clipboards or paper inspection sheets
  • Photographs and videos accompany technician reports to provide a complete picture of the issue
  • Your customer’s smartphone provides them with real-time, simple data about the general health of the car
  • In addition to providing your customers with a concrete approach, DVI allows you to retain the results of your effort for future reference

Digital Vehicle Inspection’s Advantages

When a customer needs service or detailing, a technician’s first and foremost responsibility is to ensure the safety of the consumer. All of the other little issues are resolved before they may worsen and become a larger concern. There are plenty of computers and tablets at our workstations for digital inspections. This section will focus on the advantages of digital inspection for your auto detailing shop.

The results and recommendations of your technicians and service advisers are summarized in a presentation.

  • The DVI openness increases client retention by building trust and loyalty
  • Paper inspections are slowed down and rendered ineffective by this method
  • History of inspections helps to maintain a high standard of quality
  • The technicians present their advice in the form of images and video
  • DVI files are then uploaded to the front desk, which may then email or SMS the customer when they’ve been completed

Customers like being able to evaluate and approve the DVI on their schedule since it gives them more freedom and control.

Advantages of Using Digital Vehicle Inspections in Your Organization!

Paper-related Issues

There is always the ongoing problem of checking your printer, paper, and ink because these always seem to run out or have an error during the busiest times. The expense of paper, ink cartridges, and the maintenance of the printer may quickly pile up. It’s easier to conduct vehicle inspections digitally, removing the need for paper and printing.

Particularly Tailored Reports

Every stage of the vehicle inspection process is being improved through digital inspections. To help technicians work more efficiently, workshops may now develop an entire multi-point inspection template.

In The Form of Photographs and Videos

It’s all about the images. Shoppers will spend less time in the store thanks to high-quality digital photos and videos. After watching a video of the detailing suggestions, a client gives the go-ahead for the work to proceed. Customers have greater trust when seeing and hearing what they’re buying.

The built-in templates provided by Easy Navigation Workshop allow users to create their inspection reports with uniform, high-grade checklists that are easy to traverse.

As part of the digital inspection process, DVI software automatically identifies and emphasizes any repairs that are urgently in need of attention. The report elicits a higher degree of client involvement.

Email and Text Messages are two options.

It is then forwarded to the customer’s email or phone number with estimates and recommendations in the report. Yes, car owners will no longer have to go to the detailing shop to authorize the repairs, as the images and videos are included in the report and can be seen online.

This technology is a must-have to keep customers involved and educate them on their vehicle’s maintenance needs.

The Most Important Things to Remember

Software for digital vehicle inspections is available for PC, tablet and mobile devices. Customers are better informed about the need for detailing when they access photographs and videos.

Regardless of where the vehicle owner is, the repairs are approved. Using digital vehicle inspections enhances the productivity of auto shops and the way they interact with their clients. The technician isn’t limited to a one-time digital examination in the greatest and most user-friendly vehicle inspection software. Still, many inspections are instantly enabled, and reliable data is available.

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From everything mentioned above, it is clear how digital vehicle inspection software increases the profitability of your auto detailing shop. It helps you reduce all the paperwork and makes your working smart, easy and precise.

With this software, you never again have to worry about missing out on any inspection because, with the digital list, you will never miss out on any part. You will only be able to submit the list after completing every inspection mentioned on it.

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