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What Is Microsoft SCCM? All You Should Know


Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is software produced by Windows that ensures the deployment, management, and security of devices. Apart from other utility applications, SCCM is basically using in patch management, endpoint protection, and software distribution of applications in enterprises. It is a part of the system management framework formulated by the Microsoft System Center. The unified console allows convenient management of sophisticated applications such as XenApp, Med-V, App-V, etc. The single-source and easy management of the application makes it a prominent software among users and enterprises. There has been a considerable rise in the number of professionals and freshers going for Microsoft SCCM Online Training for job prospects and personal knowledge. The prominence of management software is on the rise and it might also be a driving force in the job market very soon.

Continue going through this article to dive deep and get more information relevant to SCCM.

Importance of SCCM

There are several reasons that so many users and enterprises chose to use SCCM. First of all, it utilizes a singular and unified architecture and then aims to bring all the physical and virtual clients under one umbrella. There are beneficial tools that help IT professionals get more control over the software processes. Moreover, it keeps track of the active directory and finds all the tethered mobile devices, servers, and desktops. It also makes it easier to allow automatic patching with server updates and redefinitions in the Network Access Protection.

Now, let us see how Microsoft SCCM aids in the better management of software processes, updates, and security.

Advantages of SCCM

It is a key software that facilitates effective and simple management of applications. Furthermore, it also plays a vital role in ensuring other key processes like endpoint security, patch management, and software distribution. Some of the key benefits of the Windows product are as follows:

· Updates

It ensures systematic management and the release of updates. With this Windows product, it becomes increasingly straightforward to manage the integrity of the computer system as it allows the users to identify the vulnerabilities quite easily. Moreover, the intuitive functions also make sure easy and timely deployment of updates and better control of the installation process.

· Security

It provides a robust engine and in-built functions that gives the user more control over the end-point protection. The system needs redefinitions of the cyber-attacks to better identify malicious programs when they enter the network. Furthermore, it is also the responsibility of the software to keep track of the updates and ensure the protection of the end-point at all times.

· Assets

It allows for the smart monitoring of assets. There is a feature “Licensing Administrator” which uses intuitive asset management algorithms. It basically monitors the programs that are set up at different points and also checks where they are set up. Moreover, it also verifies the programs that have already been used. Using the effective method of software metering, keeping a count of licenses is also easy.

· User Productivity

To boost the productivity of the user, the Microsoft SCCM provides certain applications. They are available to users at all times and they can access them to enhance their productivity and finish their work quickly. Furthermore, there is also a need to monitor and assess the business data and for that, it gives all the necessary tools.


Microsoft SCMM is a Windows software that comes useful in establishing sophisticated deployment of updates, endpoint security, and management of processes. It offers centralized management of high-tech applications and also checks the deployment of assets at different locations. It is a reliable source of getting more control over the software processes and aids in the effective management of the entire system. Hence, a lot of prominent enterprises and a large end-user base utilizes the software. You can build a prospering career by learning all the nitty-gritty of this Microsoft product. For imbibing knowledge about the industry, you can go through Microsoft SCCM Online Training and strive to attain expertise over the course of time. It is a kind of software that would launch your career if you transcend your technical skills and soft skills well enough.

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