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What is the difference between a throw blanket and a regular blanket?

There are many throws and blankets in the market preferred by most of the community across the UK, for example, the grey faux fur throw blanket

Both throws and blankets, at first glance, seem to have many similarities – the fact that they are fabric coverings that usually lie on your sofa or bed and serve as a nice, functional interior detail. Despite this, it may surprise you that there are more differences between these two than similarities.

What is a throw?

A throw is usually in one size, about 50 inches by 60 inches. It should be indicated if the size is significantly different on the packaging. There are several reasons for throwing objects. Usually, they are thrown mainly for decorative purposes. Hundreds of throws are available with beautiful patterns or intricate, tapestry-like patterns that can be displayed in a living room to enhance its beauty. 

You can drape throws over couches, chairs, the end of beds, or even hang them on a wall. In addition to providing warmth and comfort, throws are also used to relax on a couch or chair. A wide variety of materials are used to make throws. Fleece throws are very popular because of their warmth and comfort. You can make a fleece throw by tying the fringed edges of two fleece pieces together.

Importance of throw:

When it comes to throws, particularly tapestry-like throws, they are primarily used for decoration. When you choose simple bedding, you can top it off with different decorative throws to achieve different looks. A new look can be created with each one, especially when matched with other accessories. You can change the appeal and flavour of your bedroom inexpensively with throws.

What is a blanket?

A blanket is intended for this purpose to be used on a bed. The most common types of blankets are cotton, wool, and light down. A decorative comforter and a soft texture and added warmth are made with this material. 

A blanket’s size corresponds to a sheet’s size. Blankets are usually sold in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Rather than being crafted for decoration, blankets are often crafted for practical daily use. One decent blanket supplier from China is Spring Home Textiles.

Purpose of a blanket:

As you might know, blankets made us feel comfortable and safe around bedtime. We relaxed when the material touched our skin. We were covered in blankets when our parents read us bedtime stories. This helped us get ready for sleep. Since then, blankets have become a regular part of our bedtime routine.

Difference between a throw and a blanket:


It is one of the most visible distinctions. Try to wrap yourself in it if you’re unsure if it’s a throw or a blanket. Why? Blankets usually cover the whole body (and possibly a couple of times). However, your legs (or upper body) will likely hang outside.

Blankets usually adjust the size of your bed or are even larger so they can be tucked under your foot comfortably. Since blankets correspond to the size of your bed and are primarily used for sleeping, they usually come in similar sizes to sheets, such as king, queen, or full. 

On the other hand, the throw has a fixed size of 50 inches wide by 60 inches long (most of the time). This makes it smaller than a blanket.


Throws serve primarily as decoration, unlike blankets, and are usually made from various fabrics. Throws can also be made from luxurious fabrics, such as crushed velvet, suede, or faux fur, for an even more luxurious appearance. It is common for people to choose hand-knitted or crocheted throws to create a warm and cosy look (this type of throw is often called an afghan).


However, blankets are usually made from high-quality fabrics, such as wool, flannel, fleece, cotton, or thermal weaves. Since the blanket’s primary function is to keep you warm while you sleep, the materials used to make it should be able to maintain the temperature. 

Despite its most important aspect being the look, fleece throws are widely used for warmth. While blankets are used in bed, throws are used while lying/sitting on a couch or chair.

The edges of a blanket differ from a throw. The ends of throws are usually fringed, while those of blankets are bound.

Final Word:

You can expect your luxury blankets and throws to last a long time if you take good care of them. Care for and store these heirloom-quality linens according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Many cotton blankets and throws can be machine washed, but proceed with caution; your standard household washing machine may not be able to wash a cotton bed blanket. Professional cleaning or commercial-size equipment is best in that case.


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