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What Makes a Composite Board Better to Wood Decking?

Due to its multiple advantages, modern Composite Boards are increasingly displacing wood decking. The following are the key benefits of composite decking over wood decking.

What are the components of composite decking?

What are the components of composite decking?

The composite board is made up of a mix of plastic and wood fibers. The addition of particular plastic compounds to wood fibers is responsible for the product’s long life and durability. Sawdust, old wooden pallets, wood chips, and wood fibers are all possible sources of wood.

This means that environmentally concerned firms like Trex may create their decking planks, railings, and other components mostly from recycled materials. Other Composite board manufacturers use recycled components in their products as well. This indicates that by opting for a kompositdäck over a real wood deck, you are making an ecologically friendly decision.



Wood decking requires cleaning virtually every week, but composite decks require almost no upkeep. When exposed to direct sunshine, wood decking will typically lose its color and fade to a worn grey. While kompositbrädor will last for years, choosing a light-colored decking over a dark-colored decking will ensure that the finish will last for decades. Wood decking will require annual oiling and staining, however Composite board will maintain its pristine appearance for centuries.



The completed appearance of composite made from a combination of wood and plastics is quite attractive to the sight. The composite board will retain its appearance for years, however wood decking may frequently require oiling or staining.


Composite board has another advantage over wood: it does not split. This is ideal for families with children because wood decking may be hazardous. Wood may be harmful to pets’ bodies as well.


Another significant advantage is that the composite board is moisture-resistant, allowing it to be used in high moisture environments without rotting. Wood decking, on the other hand, absorbs water naturally and stains, cracks, splinters, and rot with continuous usage. Any moisture or dirt near the wood decking causes tarnishing, fading, and serves as a breeding ground for molds, mildew, and a variety of insects.


These natural bugs may chew through the wood, creating nests and slowly destroying the entire structure. To avoid damage from these pests, wood decking must be treated with complex chemicals and pesticides, but the Composite board is unaffected.


For a variety of reasons, Composite board is popular. It is less expensive over time than wood decking, is easier to maintain, and maintains its color and beauty for 25 years or more.

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