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What to post on a company’s social networks?

If you still have doubts about how to manage your company’s internet profiles, in this blog we will guide you on what your company should or should not publish on social networks .

What to post on a company’s social networks?

At this point, all entrepreneurs have understood that if they are not on social networks they do not exist for the consumer, because they are the best way to be in contact with customers, to build loyalty among regulars and to reach a larger audience.You can contact Best Social Media Marketing Agency in London.  But we must also be clear that nothing can be published in any way on our company’s social network profiles. Therefore, we must take care of the content we share with our followers. How to do it?

Create value content

An excess of inconsequential information does not help to retain followers. If you want your audience to really interact, your content must be interesting and of quality . It will help you to combine text with images and other types of multimedia elements, so you will attract more attention.

Know your audience

The activity of your company will mark the type of followers you have and you have to know their profile in order to focus your strategy on that public that follows you.

Share content

Not only what you publish is important to your followers , there are also issues related to your business activity published by other users (media, public bodies, etc.) that your audience may be interested in. Send it to him and open a debate. That interaction will build trust and loyalty.

Customer Support

Social networks have a great power of dissemination, both good and bad opinions. That is why it is important that you pay attention to your followers and that you make other potential customers who follow you see those good opinions from satisfied customers who already use your product or service.


Each social network has its own language but keep in mind that, although you have to speak in the ‘language’ that applies in each case, your company is only one and must be homogeneous in terms of what is published in one profile or another . Your followers can be the same on various social networks and inconsistent content can be harmful.

Humans behind the screen

A social network profile of a company is not a bot, there are people behind it, just as there are people working daily in your business. A good way to build trust is by making your team members known on your social networks.

Not by posting too much, we will reach more people

When managing a company’s social networks, not only what you post matters, but also what you don’t post. As we talked about before, the content you share must be relevant and that also means that you do not have to publish for publishing. You have to choose very well when content is published because an excess of information can bore or saturate your audience and cause a loss of followers and, consequently, customers.

Business social networks don’t have to be serious, but they don’t necessarily have to be ‘the festival of humour’ either. In addition, we do not have to pronounce on everything that is said, it is not good to have an opinion on everything. Besides, no one has asked us.

It is good to keep these tips in mind when deciding when and what to post on our social profiles :

  • Make a posting plan for each social media channel.
  • Post content regularly.
  • Be very careful when sharing content. It must be relevant, useful and entertaining for your audience.
  • Use social media management tools for the company to make your job easier.
  • Include images in your content.
  • Sometimes it is advisable to publish the same content with different titles, so we give it several opportunities if it is really interesting for our followers.
  • Measure the impact of your content and analyze its repercussion, keeping track of your activity on networks is very important.
  • Value making an investment in network advertising because, many times, it is the most effective way to reach potential customers.
  • Interact with your followers, that builds trust.
  • Observe how the competition of your business behaves in social networks. You have to be aware of trends!
  • Take actions that make your followers loyal. Give them reasons to stay there

The use you make of your company’s social networks can have a direct impact on your sales , so even if it seems that they don’t go with you, taking care of this aspect is essential for your business.

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