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Who Uses Financial Accounting

The term “users of financial statements” refers to the persons and stakeholders who examine the financial statements that a firm reports. Users of financial statements assess the statements. Users include the company’s management, workers, creditors, investors, and anyone interested in the company.

A Brief Outline of the Audiences for Financial Statements

The preparation of a company’s financial records following the accounting rules and principles that are in place is obligatory for a company. . Internal and external users are two distinct categories that may distinguish those who utilize financial statements. Internal users include management, owners, and employees; these groups participate in decision-making in some capacity.

Financial statements are the most important factor when accurately displaying the users’ financial success. Users of the financial statements put the financial information to use in a manner that is appropriate for their purposes. Every user has their unique requirement for financial information, and those requirements may be satisfied by looking at the financial statements. Users can make more informed judgments about the investments they help in the company with the assistance of the financial figures. The potential for loss and gain on the investment may be examined by examining the financial accounts.

Users from the Interior

Individuals working for the company are considered the organization’s internal users of the financial statements. These professionals utilize the financial statements to manage the company’s affairs and make choices regarding the company’s operations. Users on the company’s internal network comprise the people who have a role in the company’s day-to-day operations and management. Put another way; they are the most important people using accounting data. Managers, employees, business owners, and others fall within this category.


There are upper-level managers, middle-level managers, and lower-level managers that make up an organization’s management structure. When it comes to managing the organization’s day-to-day operations, these managers rely on financial information.


. The owners base their judgments about their investment and returns in the company on the financial statements provided to them.


Employees in many departments, including human resources, finance, and marketing, utilize financial statements to manage the running of their departments. After analysing the company’s financial accounts, the persons responsible for making choices do things like decide on budgets and departmental targets, among other things.

External Users

Therefore, the company’s financial information is provided to these external users in the form of an annual report comprising the company’s financial statements.


The suppliers extend credit to the business entity to purchase raw materials and inventory. These vendors’ responsibility is to ensure they receive the total money owed to them by the company on time and without incurring any losses. In light of this, before providing any form of loan to the company, they analyse the financial accounts of the company.


Investors are business owners who invest their money into the firm. . They need to keep an eye on the firm’s financial performance to determine whether or not they should invest in a business or leave it.


Lenders are those who give the company debt in exchange for interest. They analyze the company’s financial accounts to gain an understanding of the debt-paying capability of the company and to ensure that their loan is paid back promptly.


Banks are another source of funding for companies in the form of loans. Financial statements are another tool that banks use to determine whether or not to lend money to a company, as well as the interest rate that should be applied to that loan.

The Government:

To assess the level of taxation the firm should pay, the government has an interest in the company’s financial accounts. They are responsible for ensuring that the firm pays all its taxes on the appropriate dates.


The competitors analyze a company’s financial accounts to understand the financial condition of the competition. To maintain a competitive advantage, they must monitor the financial performance of other companies in the industry.

Labour unions:

They analyze the financial accounts to see whether or not the company can meet its obligations to its workers in terms of remuneration and benefits.


An organization’s financial statements reflect all the financial information that many stakeholders require of that organization. In addition, both the company’s internal and external users evaluate the financial statements to evaluate the company’s overall financial performance. As a result, financial information is mostly provided to users through financial statements. Therefore, for users to accurately portray the business’s actual and fair financial performance, an entity must prepare its financial statements with the utmost care.

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