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Why Are Glass Jars Important For Shipping Food Products?

If you’re operating a business that delivers food items, particularly products that are liquid or creamy and may take a long time to get to the address of the recipient, it is important to be aware of the type of packaging that you make use of.

A typical plastic or paper bag might not be durable enough and may cause damage to the item in mid-air. Consider the best option. Glass jars with lids can save your life if you apply them correctly.

Glass Jars: The Importance Of Jars

The Glass jars are durable and, therefore, even in the event of disturbance during the shipping process the products are safe and in good shape. They will not be as secure when shipping food items inside plastic containers. Another reason to use glass containers for food items is that they can be reused.

The jars can be cleaned and used for other purposes, making sure that they aren’t used as waste. Plastic jars, on the contrary, are not reused. They lose their quality in the space of a few days. After that, the only option available to users is to dispose of them in the trash bin.

Glass jars with lids offer a beautiful and luxurious feeling when you store food items inside them. Plastic jars are not able to compete with the sensation, luxury feel, and distinctiveness of glass jars regardless of how high-end they are.

If the food items you are storing are able to be stored for a couple of weeks and the users wish to secure them throughout that time it is not necessary to search for other storage options when they own glass containers.

It is not possible to make the same claims with plastic jars because they’re not suitable for lengthy storage and preservation of food products. If you’re working in the field of food and would like to provide your customers a high-end experience each time they open your packaging, you should consider using glass jars every time.

They might cost a bit more than plastic containers however the overall quality and feel that you offer your clients through them is unbeatable. So, forget any doubts and begin offering everything you sell in glass containers.

Storage Containers – Four Important Uses

The industry sector is growing more demanding and fast-paced; therefore it is essential to ensure that you are able to access information quickly and conveniently. In the UK we have an extensive range of Glass jars with lids that are suitable for various industries.

It is essential to ensure you have a good storage solution for forms, parts and other important elements of your business. It might sound like a dry subject, but believe us; we’ve been in business for a long time and know that it’s crucial to choose the best storage system. And, without more ado here are four crucial reasons to store containers.

1. Safely Storing Small Items While Making Sure They Are Visible

If you’re working on an assembly line or working to create orders in the warehouse, you’ll get your work done more quickly and efficiently to see the things you’re storing, and then get what you need in a hurry.

Picking bins let you keep small objects and parts in a safe manner, yet be able to see them. They are great for speedy production. The bins we use for picking are constructed of high-density polyethylene. This means they are highly resistant to oils as well as low and high temperatures.

2. Safely Storing Hazardous Substances

With years of expertise in the field of workplace safety and health, we are proud of being able to offer our clients not only general information about safety at work as well as the tools to help apply the tips that we provide.

The waste container or storage container you need will obviously be contingent on the material you intend to store. Are you seeking to store substances that are flammable?

You should consider galvanised stainless steel cookware – you must ensure that the label to see if the product is leak-proof or non-leak proof. This will help you determine if it is appropriate for the substance you are using it on. It is the method of covering zinc on metal to increase its protection properties.

3. Distribution And Transportation Of Important Items

The most effective distribution containers are made of polypropylene since this kind of plastic is tough and long-lasting. Check out the top containers for distribution below. Containers also have interlocking hinged lids, which add more ease of use.

4. Really Useful Storage General Purpose

If you’re in need of a general storage solution, our selection of ‘Really useful Boxes’ may be what you’re searching for. The most useful boxes are ergonomically constructed and are made of a specific kind of high-impact polypropylene.

This unique high-quality polypropylene makes the boxes more robust than others and provides the highest level of protection against damage. Our range of Really Usual boxes is ideal to serve as courier’s boxes, for deliveries of parcels, air freight containers as well as daily storage.

The handle also functions to act as a lock mechanism that helps keep the lid in place, and its contents secure.

  • All kids have recesses that make the lids ideal to stack.
  • Made available in transparent materials for easy identification of the contents
  • Solid colors offer UV protection
  • Certain ranges have an internal lip that it is possible to hang suspended files
  • And there you are. There are some excellent reasons to invest in the best quality, long-lasting and affordable storage containers.

What Is The Most Effective Container For Spices?

Like other items with short shelf life, spices need appropriate storage in order to ensure they’ll be available in the event of a need. Spices are prone to deterioration even when properly stored. What you’ll have is a stale bark and seeds that have no significance.

A proper storage system is a place in your kitchen, where you keep your spices. Nothing is more essential for the freshness of spices than the containers they are stored in. Selecting the best containers will guarantee that your spices are usable for the longest time possible. Follow these tips to select the right containers to maximize shelf-life and keep freshness.

Your Best Options

Glass Containers

Of all the variables which impact the quality of your spices, the air is most likely to be the most harmful. You should stay clear of containers that let your spices come in contact with air moving.

Glass is an excellent option because it’s not porous, meaning it is guaranteed that the spice will be safe for as long as the lid is securely fitted. Air is a source of moisture and could cause some powdered spice to turn into a cake. It can also lead to the flavor of spices diminishing due to the loss of volatile oils through the process of evaporation.

Containers That Help Keep The Light Out

Metal is the most suitable option following Glass jars with lids. Light is the enemy of freshness, and metal containers excel at keeping light from their contents. Metal containers with a secure lid can also keep moisture and air away from your spice.

Small Containers

Alongside the materials in addition to the materials, you must also think about the dimensions that the container is. A smaller container is typically better in the case of containers to store spices.

A smaller container is essential in limiting the amount of air and moisture that comes in contact with the spices. The smaller the space that is within the container there is less moisture and air that can reduce the spice’s pungency or otherwise ruin the flavor.

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