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Travel and Leisure

Why is Dubai an Incredible Place?

Dubai is a mind-blowing city with the largest traveling and touring destinations in the world. Every place in Dubai is famous because of its largest tourism industry. In Dubai, people can go for hangouts, shopping, spend an incredible nightlife, and go on a visit to the museum.

Before writing this article, my major focus was on the Dubai desert safari because people might know about other places in Dubai, but the desert is something unique from the rest. Its golden beauty is beyond imagination, and the desert provides fresh air, clean water, and food for the oasis city.

The Empty Quarter, the Hatta Mountain Desert, and the White Desert are some of the deserts in Dubai. Various excursions are available here, including quad biking, dune bashing, and camel races.

Sparing your time to read this will also give you the knowledge about some interesting facts about Dubai.

Some Awesome Facts

  • Second, Dubai has made Artificial Palm island. There were 94 million cubic meters of sand needed to construct Dubai’s Palm Islands, and only 37 million cubic meters are required for the Empire State Building.
  • You can move around the city by public transport or by private transportation. Furthermore, some buses run on a regular schedule throughout Dubai. Additionally, there are world-class airports with plenty of passengers per year, thus making this a trendy tourism destination.
  • Luxury is a well-known feature of life in Dubai, and many people travel to Dubai to spend their vacation here.
  • The culture of Dubai is very diverse as Dubai is a mixture of many different cultures. The majority of members come from Africa, South Asia, and Central Asia. In addition, it has a strong Islamic identity.
  • The famous building is seven stars luxurious Burj Al Arab, and its interior is decorated with over 1,790 square meters of 24-karat gold leaf.
  •  Every supercar that the Dubai Police force buys is more expensive than sending a child to college in the USA. Woah!
  • Dubai has tremendous golden dunes that are known for the Dubai desert safari. People around the world love to visit Dubai to get on a safari and enjoy various amazing rides in the desert.
  • Miracle Garden is the largest one in the world. There are more than 50 million flowers and 250 million plants in the Miracle Garden, which covers 72,000 square meters (780,000 square feet).
  • Dubai has the largest number of cranes. The skyline of Dubai was dotted with cranes at the height of the property boom. According to some, the city had almost 25% of the world’s crane population.
  • Dubai’s Gold Souk has over 380 retailers and is a famous market. Dubai handled more than 25% of the world’s physical gold, and Dubai is also known as the city of Gold.
  • has the tallest observation wheel.
  • No one but Dubai is previously a desert.

Does Dubai fall under the city or country category?

Dubai is a city and not a country, which is why there is confusion, for Dubai also refers to an Emirate whose capital is Dubai. Dubai is not the emirate’s only municipality; there are several others as well, but Dubai by far is the most important and largest city in the emirate.

About Dubai Desert Safari

Desert safari Dubai is a mind-blowing adventure for all the tourists out there. People come here to enjoy dune bashing in SUVs and jeeps, enjoy dune buggy, quad rides, sandboarding, paragliding, and hot balloon rides.

People love to enjoy belly dance and Tanura dance and appreciate the talent of the artists. Then you will also have a delicious buffet and bonfire at night.

In short, Dubai is everything that people love. You would love to enjoy the food, shopping, nightlife here. Book your tickets now and land here in Dubai.

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