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Why Would You Find The Travancore Foundation A Home Away From Home If You Came Here Post-Retirement?


No matter how large the paid old age homes in Kerala, every person searches for some homely touch in the services of the location where he or she stays. The Travancore Foundation, one of the best luxury old age homes, understands this and serves its inhabitants accordingly. It ensures that, in addition to professionalism, it incorporates a touch of customised affection and care.

So, the residents never feel as if they are away from home as if they have been abandoned by their families. Instead, many see the Travancore Foundation as just another house with greater services, facilities, and amenities. Let’s see how Travancore does this.

A new idea of “care” altogether

We must break free from preconceived notions about what elder care actually means. Only one type of care was considered appropriate in our previous definitions of care: care provided by children and family members at home. However, with changing times, increased specialisation, an increase in the number of working women, and an overall shift in viewpoints, these old concepts of “ideal” are shifting. We must refresh ourselves and realise this shift in the critical field of senior care.

Travancore Foundation is working on the basis of this new care idea. For them, “care” entails more than merely satisfying the physiological and everyday home requirements of the elderly. They demonstrate care and concern for the residents by offering each elder personalised attention and carefree living. After they look them and just try to make them happy and satisfied.

They give them a daily regimen that is jam-packed with enjoyable and interesting activities. Food is more than simply a service; it is an enriching experience. Socialisation is more than merely engaging with people; it also entails connecting with and appreciating the company of others. As a result, Travancopee operates appropriately and ensures that all of these areas are satisfied. They are able to provide this warm and pleasant experience to residents since the working crew is both capable and motivated to serve the elderly.


What facilities can you expect at Travancore Foundation?

  • Flooring for the elderly (anti-skid)
  • Senior-friendly living (wheelchair accessibility)
  • Help in an Emergency (emergency call bells in rooms and sometimes bathrooms as well)
  • Security Features (Grab Bars in bathrooms and the walkways)
  • The staff has been educate and sensitise (Nurses, GDA, and support staff)
  • The basic medical services (for example, vital signs, doctor consultations, physiotherapy, counselling, and a nurse on call)
  • Participation in the Community (Socialisation, Events and Celebrations)
  • Enrichment of Life (scheduled activities, hobby classes, exercise classes)
  • Fitness spaces just like in the ideal luxury old age homes, such as a walking track, gym, or workout area
  • Community eating is frequently supplement by private meal alternatives.
  • Relaxation areas that are aesthetically pleasing (lounge, garden, etc.)
  • The club’s area features card games, carom, board games, and other games
  • For group activities, there is an activity room.
  • Daily services like meals and housekeeping are available, as are select services such as transportation, laundry, concierge, and so on.

Why choose Travancore Foundation?

Kerala’s Travancore Foundation is a universe unto itself. It is a huge community stretch across a well-built infrastructure that is alive with love and joy. Unlike other old-age homes in Kerala, this organisation provides care packages that are tailore to each resident’s specific requirements.

Each care plan is back up by a dedicate infrastructure and highly train employees. Life at Travancore Foundation is a magnificent second act for older folks, where they may live their final years cheerfully and with dignity. There is no greater gratification than providing your parents with as much comfort and stability as possible and allowing them to live their life to the fullest.


Travancore Foundation is a tranquil retreat for older folks that are as warm and inviting as home. They may expect a life full of entertainment, rejuvenation, and relaxation once they join this organisation—a location where they won’t have to fret about getting monotonous tasks done all the time. It is a luxury senior living house where seniors may live life on their own terms and be surround by like-mind individuals, amenities, and facilities, as oppose to the dreary and poorly manage usual paid old age homes in Kerala. So, give it a shot right away.

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