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Computers and Technology

Why Your Magento Store Needs Google Tag Manager?

Are you looking for a tag manager who can manage your online store? If yes, then Google Tag Manager (GTM)is the best choice for you. GTM allows adding and updating all tags without editing the code from the Magento Store.

People are adopting GTM as it makes it easy to update their online stores. It also helps in tracking and analyzing the pages.

Mainly, everyone works with analyzed reports of the ongoing projects. They are also implementing new ideas with the market trends.

There is Magento 2 extension that helps to improve marketing campaigns. It helps to make an online store personalized experience convenient for the customers.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a system of free tag management. It allows businesses to manage and test tags on online stores. It is not necessary to have changes to the codes.

Google Tag Manager operates by the organization for executing and managing tags.
Tags collect all information and transfer it to Google Analytics (GA). GA will analyze all the information and share reports.

GTM works with the workflow of sharing information from one data source to another data source. There are three main parts:-
1. Tag:- Tag is the piece of the code of javascript that will merge with the page.
2. Triggers:- Trigger will connect when and where the tag will use.
3. Variables:- Variable store all received information used by tags and triggers

Working with GTM is not necessary to have deep knowledge of javascript and coding.
It can use by Non-technical people with knowledge of technology instead of any developer. It doesn’t need coding knowledge for the execution of tags.

GTM is fast to improving ongoing strategy and implementing new plans for digital marketing trends for flexibility.

Google Analytics collects user information from each website visitor. It shares tracks reports of user counts, page visitors, and many more.
Companies are using Google Analytics for tracking website performance and visitor insights.
It helps organizations to know customer behavior analytics that improves marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager is very convenient to use with its benefits. Many organizations are using GTM for managing their online store.

Here, there are a few benefits of the GTM:-

  • Easy to use:
    GTM is a user-friendly interface that enables non-technical people to work on it.
    It doesn’t need programming language or any support from developers.
  • Save time and money:
    There is no need to write any code or any developer support.
    Any non-technical people can work with the GTM code. It saves time and effort as people can manage tags.
  • Everything is available in one place:
    Developers work with the JavaScript code snippets on the website.
    With GTM, it is easy to locate errors as everything is in tags that can be manageable from a single interface.
  • Easy to manage and troubleshoot:
    In GTM, it is more convenient to troubleshoot errors. It shows whether all errors automatically available in tags are working or not. GTM also includes tools Tag Assistance and Datalayer Checker for easy troubleshooting.
  • Improve the performance of the website:
    Google Tag Manager allows a third party to handle all script tags.
    User needs to add all third-party code to their website.
  • Create Templates:
    In GTM, users can add tags, triggers, and variables in one file that they can use for creating their templates.
    GTM is also convenient to use for Google Analytics events for their customers.
  • Cost-effective solutions:
    GTM is a free software tool that beneficial for small and medium companies.
    It also has a premium package that provides upgrade features for large organizations.

How can Google Tag Manager help Magento 2?

In the market, people are converting their offline stores to online stores. They also enhance their audience on online platforms.

People are using Magento 2 for their online businesses and their large-scale projects. Industries are investing in Magento 2 platform and its extensions.

Magento 2 extensions have the latest features and functionality for making their website. Magento 2 Google Tag Manager extension is one of the Magento 2 extensions.

GTM helps procedures user friendly for non-technical people. It works with Google Adwords and Google Analytics which help online businesses.

In-store, Magento 2 GTM extension helps the store with the integrations. You can manage your website with Google Adwords, Analytics, and Facebook Pixel integration.

Magento 2 GTM extension improves website performance with Google Analytics and Adwords. It allows to include tags instead of codes that help websites to run fast.

People can fix the error in an easy manner because GTM shows all errors automatically.

It makes it easy to work with the code snippets. It also collects user data with their behavior and transfers it to analytic software. They also receive analyzed reports of the information.


People are shifting their offline businesses to online businesses. They need code-free work procedures for non-technical people. With the help of the Magento 2 extension, people can work with Magento 2 Google Tag Manager extension.

GTM allows businesses to manage their online store and tags without editing codes. GA analyze all information and shares report with the organizations.

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