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Win Money with Carrom Online Game

Carrom game is one game that you would not have missed in your childhood! It is one engaging game that can be played by anyone! And here is the good news that you can play carrom game online and also collect real cash winnings from it. Play and enjoy the game on Dangal games app where you can easily register your account and get going with the game. 

Play games and earn money with your favourite real money earning games online! Carrom is one of them where you can learn the rules instantly because they are very much familiar to the traditional carrom rules. Have your understanding and get going with the game. 

It is easy to understand the basic rules! Also, play carrom online game with your friends and family to have a fun time. Make sure you are getting all the bonus points for the referral.


  • FOUL
  • PUSH
  • DUE

What are 3 types of carrom online game?

Here are some popular types of carrom online game that you can play and earn money with. Play now to win more.

  • Family point carrom
  • Point carrom
  • Professional carrom

Benefits of Playing Carrom Online Game

Now, you should know what the benefits of playing carrom game online are. Playing the game online have various benefits that you should know. 

  • You can gain amazing rewards and exciting prizes with the game. Play the game with full efforts and make huge rewards with the same. Participate in the cash leagues and get the most out of it. 
  • You have the chance to play with the players all around the globe. Seeing the players from all over the world, you can gain much more experience and skills by playing with them. 
  • Make new friends from the gaming platform and get to know more about the new skills and knowledge. You can make new friends and have a good time playing on the app. 
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge by playing every day with carrom online game. 

Carrom online Game rules 

Here are some of the basic rules that you can understand and get started with the game. 

  • The game is played between 2 players on the Dangal games app.
  • Everyone would strike up their tokens that would be assigned to them before the game starts. 
  • Have your group of tokens, be it white or black. 
  • You need to cover one more token in order to win the queen in the game. 
  • If the players pots the disc then it would be considered a foul in the game. 
  • If you pocket the last token before the queen then it would also be a foul. 
  • Touching the diagonal lines on the board with the disc is also a foul in the game. 
  • Whenever a player does a foul, he has to return his one token. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make your account now and get going with the carrom online game now. Make your big winnings!

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